Modern Day Labels

Recently, Pink Floyd bootleg collectors have had a difficult time as the market is currently flooded with European bootleg labels releasing the same album under several different titles in order to fool the completist collector into buying the same pressing two or three times over, just by giving it different titles with different paper inserts. To add to the confusion, a few friends of humanity are making things even worse by taking these (already multi-released) bootlegs and re-packaging them yet again!!! So, we are going to start to separate the good from the bad to try and give some help to those starting out with their collection and those hard core collectors who are getting tired of all the re-packages....

The Good...

Aurora Australis

European label who endeavour to release music which has not been widely released on vinyl before. Their product is usually released in runs of around 400 copies on several different colours with deluxe numbered covers. Their regular albums have a strong visual similarity. A bootleggers corporate identity! Prices are very reasonable, as they should be for runs of this number.

TMOQ (Japan)

Seemingly the only worthwhile people using the TMOQ brand name at the moment. They release acetates only, always limited to 20 numbered copies which are very well mastered and cut. Their covers are always plain coloured with a gold TMOQ sticker and a paper insert. Their artwork is very reminiscent of the old American boots. They are not cheap (acetates never are) but rare and desirable.

More News From Nowhere/The Uninvited Mole

Two German labels. Early releases were acetates or clear vinyl only (typically 20 numbered copies) but lately have released commercially pressed larger runs (around 150 numbered copies) usually on very nice multicoloured vinyl with good packaging. MCV issues are very reasonably priced whilst the acetates (of course) are more expensive. Like the two above, this is another good label who care about their releases.

ACL Records

Scandanavian label who only release occasional albums, but these are of high quality, usually with deluxe covers and posters. Released in fairly large numbers, but not expensive, and a good product.

Pigs On The Groove

An Italian label producing a mixture of pressings from fairly large runs to small acetate or picture disc limited edition ones - often in elaborate packaging. Sound quality can vary and they will occasionally release the same title in several different formats (but hey, legitimate record companies have been doing this for years!) , overall a decent label.

Spectre Productions

Another Italian label producing albums of good quality in deluxe covers and usually pressed on multicoloured vinyl. Usually pressing fairly large runs their albums are not expensive but worthwhile.

Other Labels

There are of course several other good labels operating, and their product is well made but the choice of material is rather uninspiring, this is the case with one European bootlegger who uses the logos of the old EMI and Harvest Labels. The people who resurrected the old 'Swingin' Pig' 80's label also deserve a mention... Bootlegs by these labels are ok but you should expect to pay low prices for them as they are released in large numbers.

The Bad...

TMOQ (Europe)

European bootleggers using the TMOQ logo. On the face of it they seem like a good label releasing albums of 100 numbered copies on coloured vinyl. The problem is that they will release the same pressing three or even four times by simply changing the insert (and therefore the title). Many discs have been (and are being) released in three or Four different versions (titles) at one time. For example '40 Minutes Over Wembley', 'Don't Touch That Dial' & 'Do-Little Days' are all exactly the same disc, as are 'A Long Long Time Ago', 'The Aus Trial' 'In A Land Far Far Away' & 'Antipodean Scream'. A simple marketing ploy to shift more records at the expense of the genuine collector... but there is worse still to come...

The Ugly!

TMOQ (Spain)

As stated above TMOQ (Europe) are re-packaging their own albums to sell more copies but even worse is this idiot in Spain (you will find him on ebay) who is re-packaging every album he can get his hands on cheap, by using a variety of tricks including printing new titles (inserts), sticking blank labels over regular ones, and scratching out matrix numbers etc. Be very very careful when buying new or recent release bootlegs from anyone in Spain...

Flying Pig Records

Thought to be a German Label, Flying Pig Records seemed to start out as a regular label releasing genuine small numbered runs of bootlegs (typically 10 copies) on clear vinyl.. but somewhere along the way they seem to have crossed over to the dark side! Their last 2 titles (A Great Gig In London & One Side Of The Moon) are horrible re-packages of each disc of 'An Offer You Cannot Refuse' (A Genuine European bootleg released on the fake Harvest Label). Worse still, they are claiming them to be 20 & 25 numbered copies only - thus enhancing the value greatly - We strongly advise you to avoid this Label.