This website would not be here without the time, efforts, encouragement & record collections of the following 3 people, to whom I am sincerely grateful. The world of bootlegs is a difficult subject at best with original releases, re-issues, counterfeits (bootlegs of bootlegs!) and both genuine and cynical re-packages, and the attention to detail shown by my three friends below has helped enormously to sort the good from the bad and make this guide the most complete and accurate source of information ever published on Pink Floyd Vinyl bootlegs. In no particular order (drawn out of the proverbial hat) are....

Eric "The Toe" Miller
My collector and conspirator from America who has encouraged me with this from the early days of putting it all together, and is also the provider of pictures of some very rare records. Eric runs Eric's Freaky Vinyl Vault who buy and sell rare records, specializing in multi coloured vinyl pressings. If you have any wants or anything to sell then drop him a line.

Fabio Milan
Fabio is my friend from Italy who (like Eric & You) also has an amazing record collection. Fabio has a great attention for detail and, along with some pictures, provided much of the valuable information about all of the different pressing variations. Not surprisingly, he has great knowledge of the European pressings in this guide.

You. I
You is a great collector from Tokyo with an extremely impressive record collection who kindly found the time to send in some jaw dropping pictures & info for the extremely rare Japanese (& other) pressings on the site. Many of these are so hard to find that they have never been seen before except by the handfull of people who actually own them!.

And Finally....Yours Truly....Slugbelch (The Webmaster)

More Collaborators & Reader Submissions...(Many Thanks To You All)...

Alex Ottenstein
Also in Maryland, who has contributed his very detailed research on 'Double Bubble'.... Thanks Alex!

Erik Tumminello
Our man in Maryland, who has contributed various pics and info.... Thank You!

Massimo from Rome
A great collector from Italy, Massimo has contributed more pics to Floydboots than I can remember... very many Thanks!.

Ray Steeg
Our man in the Netherlands - who over the years has been kind enough to share his huge knowledge with a wealth of info and pics.

Alberto "Albo" Santoro
My friend from Switzerland, A huge collector with the knowledge to match... Thanks Albo.

Marcello Cirese
Who needs no introduction, a man with a large knowledge and rare pics - a great combination.

Matjaz Kumelj
Another fine collector from Slovenia who has helped often.... Many thanks to you

Mark Howarth
A big collector from the UK who is helping out with various pics & info... Thanks Mark

Harlan Azzopardi
Our friend in Canada who has, and is, making some welcome contributions to Floydboots.

Jaka Jersic
Our friend in Slovenia who is, like Harlan, making some welcome contributions to Floydboots.

Stu E Francis
A collector from London who, like Harlan, is currently making some welcome contributions to Floydboots.

Bill Palmieri
A great collector from Connecticut - and a very nice man to boot! - who is helping out with various info and pics.

Kevin Gary
From Maryland who is helping out with some of rarer new releases... Thanks Kevin!

Argy Marinopoulos
From Greece has been a huge help with the current updating of the site including some very rare acetate releases (with still a lot to do)... Many Thanks Argy!.

Colin Reever aka. James Floyd
Our friend with an eye for detail, who's helping out with various bits 'n bobs of info!.

Alessandro Chiesa
From Italy sent in: Pictures & info too numerous to mention.

Vernon Fitch
From The Pink Floyd Archives: Needs no introduction - a great source of info.

Jeff Kelley
From America sent in: Upgrade picture of Ivor Wynne (deluxe cover).

The Late & Greatly Missed... Ingo Brode
from Germany sent in: 'Rattles' and over the years very many other pictures and info.

The Late & Great Bernard White
From London who never got the chance to get involved in Floydboots but - In the Seventies & eighties taught me a lot. RIP Bernard.

from Switzerland sent in: 'Inter-Zappa Overdrive', 'Pinkfloydemo' and several other pictures.

Stefano Tarquini & Nino Gatti
from Italy sent in: A wealth of valuable information.

from America sent in: Best Of Tour 72 Clear Vinyl (TSP).

Adriano Rizzi
from Italy sent in: Dark Side Of The Moo (Back Cover) & various snippets of info.

Sent in: Updates and pics of Allen's Psychedelic Breakfast and The Lost Chronicles EP and much more!.

Who's Missing?
If you sent pics in for use and have not recieved credit then let me know please.


This website contains no images which are the copyright of David Youssefi aka Waters Gate or the Waters Gate Images website.