About This Website

Welcome to the Pink Floyd Vinyl Bootleg Guide. This site is here to supply information to anyone who is interested in collecting Pink Floyd bootlegs.
The contents of this site were originally compiled with the intention of publishing a book, hence the cover shown above, but as I got nearer the end of it (if there is an end?), I had a change of heart and decided it would be much better to just share this stuff among like-minded collectors than to try and sell it. This was partly influenced by being a member of the 'International Echoes Hub' and benefitting from the great sharing ethic they have there among collectors of live Pink Floyd shows. A few books have been published in the past like Raymond Steeg's guide and Andreas Kraska's book which were excellent in their day but are now long out of date, as is the online PF Roio Database. In Fact, most major bands like Led Zeppelin, The Stones, Beatles etc. etc. are well served by books and sites like this one but not the Floyd, which is odd considering that their rarer bootlegs sell for much higher prices than those of their peers.
Even though I've spent the best part of two years compiling this information, a lot of which was pretty hard to get, I have to say that I wouldn't have got this far without the help and enthusiasm of some great Floyd collectors to whom I am very grateful. You can find them in the 'credits' section.
As well as gathering as much information as possible on individual Floyd bootlegs I also did some research on the murky area of the bootleggers themselves and their labels and I have included this on the website for anyone who's interested. Hopefully you will find it interesting and well worth a read. If this is an area that you do find interesting then I would recommend tracking down a copy of Clinton Heylin's excellent book which was released under two different titles: 'Great White Wonders A History Of Rock Bootlegs' & 'Bootleg - The Secret History Of The Other Recording Industry' which traces the history of bootlegs from the early days of opera to the modern day bootleg cd.
As you look through the guide you will notice that there are still a few gaps in the info as well as some photos. As I mentioned earlier, I have put this site up to be a place where information can be shared for free amongst the Floyd community (Kraska's book sells for quite a bit on ebay), and I would urge you to have a look at the 'Your Help Needed' section to see if you can add any pictures or info of your own to the site, and even earn yourself a mention in the credits section - wow!
In the future months I will try to put a forum on the site where info on Floyd collections can be openly exchanged but in the meantime, if you have any comments, conflicting information, photos or missing info then please use the email links on the site to contact me directly. Thanks for being here and I hope you enjoy your visit....
Slugbelch (Webmaster)