13-May-1989 Werchter 1989(GAMETIME MUSIC GTM1004/2 A/B/C/D)
18-May-1989 Live In Verona 18-05-1989 (HIGH LIFE RECORDS OC9X7-X5B)
31-May-1989 May 31st 1989, Olympic Stadium, Athens, Greece(GAMETIME MUSIC 1013)
03-June-1989 Moscow 1989(GAMETIME MUSIC)
23-June-1989 Live In Linz(GAMETIME MUSIC PFL-X02 A/B/C/D)
04-July-1989 Docklands Arena(PF-1-1/2/3/4)
15-July-1989 Another Brick In The Wall II - Live(HEE GEE RECORDS CO HJLRP 0019)
15-July-1989 Behind The Mask(THE SWINGIN` PIG TSP500-7/2)
15-July-1989 Live In Venice(COCAYNE YNE-105)
15-July-1989 Playin` In The Water (Volumes 1 & 2)(THE SWINGIN' PIG TSP500-7/2)
15-July-1989 Venice(MARS VIXI - VENICE A/B/C/D)
15-July-1989 Venetia Night(ON PD 2246 A/B)
15-July-1989 Venezia 1989(A4/B)
15-July-1989 Venice(FAKE EMI)