11-February-1988 Can`t Tell A Pig From A Cow(Quick Records - Quick-A/F)
11-February-1988 Live In Adelaide (Quick Records 4601881 - Quick A/F)
11-February-1988 Turning Away(DRAGON-5501-C/D L-29515)
01-March-1988 The Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour 1988(STILL FIRST IN SPACE PF 832 1/3)
01-July-1988 Pigs From The Underground(Sex Beat SB 001 - No Matrix)
06-July-1988 Men And Gods Are Sacred And Profane (PINK 88 RECORDS)
06-July-1988 Pink Elephants Flew Over Torino On 6/07/1988 (ROBOT RECORDS RR1 A/F - COCAYNE RECORDS 102.1.1/3 A/B)
08-July-1988 Dogs Of War On European Tour 1988(?)
08-July-1988 European Tour 88 (RHUM RECORDS 002 a/f)
08-July-1988 The Momentary Lapse Of Reason Tour (PF 012)
08-July-1988 Tour `88 (LORA RECORDS PF88)
11-July-1988 Any Colour You Like(RUNNING TIME/UNIFAUN RECORDS - UNI401 A/F)
02-August-1988 Signs Of Life (ACL 003 A/F)
20-August-1988 The Alternate Delicate Sound Of Thunder(Dude Records)