08-April-1975 First Performance Of North American Tour 1975(The Uninvited Mole TUM 15/3)
13-April-1975 Prism(RP-986 3S - PINK-SF-A/D)
21-April-1975 A Quiet Night(?)
21-April-1975 California Soundboard(SD75 A1/B1/C1)
21-April-1975 Legends Of The Seventies(SD75 C1/TEAR A)
26-April-1975 Another Show, Another Place (Parts 1,2 & 3)(Aurora Australis AA 031009-3)
26-April-1975 Cruel But Fair (Volume One)(NEW SPECTRE SPLP1005 A/B)
26-April-1975 Cruel But Fair (Volume Two)(NEW SPECTRE SPLP1005 C/D)
26-April-1975 Cruel But Fair (Volume Three)(NEW SPECTRE SPLP1005 E/F)
26-April-1975 Doremi Fasol Latido(?)
26-April-1975 Have A Cigar In LA(WAY OF WIZARD RECORDS WOW - 090 - 092)
26-April-1975 In Search Of Space(TMOQ - COLLY1 A/B)
26-April-1975 Los Angeles Sports Arena, Los Angeles, CA April 26th 1975(Aurora Australis AA 031009-3)
26-April-1975 The Late Great Millard Tapes(-)
10-May-1975 Live In Seattle 1975 (A Porky Prime Cut - No Matrix)
25-May-1975 Now Hear This (Part One)(TMQ COLLY-A/B)
25-May-1975 Now Hear This (Part Two)(TMQ GECO-001-A/B)
25-May-1975 Strange News From Another Star(TMOQ)
10-June-1975 Havin` A Cigar(LAND A/LAND B)
17-June-1975 Dragged Down By The Stone(The Uninvited Mole TUM11/3 (12703DE 1/A, 2/B, 3/A, 4/A, 5/A , 6/A)
17-June-1975 Nassau Coliseum 1975(MNFN - MORE NEWS FROM NOWHERE)
18-June-1975 Boston Garden(THE SWINGING PIG - TSP 300/45-3)
18-June-1975 Pigs Wishes And Moons(MOONCHILD RECORDS 0054 A/D SIDE-1/4)
18-June-1975 US Tour `75 Volume One(TMOQ)
18-June-1975 US Tour `75 Volume Two(TMOQ)
18-June-1975 US Tour `75 Volume Three(TMOQ)
28-June-1975 Ivor Wynne(RSR INTERNATIONAL RSR-215 A/D)
28-June-1975 Ivor Wynne(BOX TOP RECORDS RSR-215 A/D)
28-June-1975 Ivor Wynne(MEN AT WORK P.F.-A/B)
28-June-1975 The Live Biography : Volume Four - Have A Cigar(INTERNATIONAL RECORDS RSR-215)
28-June-1975 Black Holes(TMOQ Japan)
28-June-1975 The Moon In June (TMOQ Japan)
28-June-1975 Green And Submarine (TMOQ Japan)
05-July-1975 Knebworth 1975 Pre-Master(TMOQ JAPAN)
05-July-1975 Spitfires And Moons(TMOQ JAPAN - TAKRL)